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Drink Coffee. Read Books. Be Happy! - Wood Bookmark
Drink Coffee. Read Books. Be Happy! - Wood Bookmark

Drink Coffee. Read Books. Be Happy! - Wood Bookmark

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"Drink coffee. Read books. Be happy!"

What our Customers Say - Actual 5 Star Review!
"Surprisingly good at actual bookmarking. Thick enough to be snug between the pages, thin enough and light enough that it doesn't damage the paper or the binding, sturdier and stiffer than cardboard. Doesn't slide around like the ribbon or string ones."

A stylish and eco-friendly way to hold your place while enjoying a good book! Each bookmark is made from 100% real, unaltered, and natural wood materials. The production of the materials uses very minimal amounts of energy, gas, and no use of water. This green product is made entirely in the USA. Since the wood is 100% natural, the card will biodegrade.

All wood products adhere to the strictest environmental policies and forestry guidelines. Logs are purchased from well-managed forests maintained by foresters who practice and follow sustainable yield harvesting procedures.

Compared to the paper making process, it takes less wood to make Micro-Veneer cards than it does to make regular paper cards. The production of all wood products does not require the use of a single chemical or any water. One log will produce thousands of cards!

Each Bookmark is 2" x 6" with rounded corners.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

This bookmark is gorgeous. I was worried it would be a bit too thick & make a lump in my book. But I it's lightweight, thin & flexible without feeling like it will break. I am very happy. & My order shipped out the same day! Did I mention how great it looks?

Loved it

Loved it and love everything listed on my book mark and have shared with friends and family by giving them one:)


Very cute item; super fast shipping. Purchased two of these for gifts for friends and I think they will love them! Thank you

Bill Moore
Great bookmark

Just what I needed. I got one for myself and my daughter.


Very nice quality and I received the item very shortly after I ordered it.